I have been working therapeutically with women for over 20 years. A large part of my clinical training and experience occurred in the context of supporting women in recovering from eating disorders. I am deeply interested in the modern woman’s inner journey, and I love facilitating women in finding their way into a deeper and more whole experience of themselves.

As women today, we have more opportunities and responsibilities than ever before. Most of us want a life filled with meaning: through our work, creative pursuits, relationships, and families. This is possible, and also requires tremendous awareness to make the choices necessary to find our own way to the life we each want to create. Often, we experience enormous challenges in our lives that must be navigated, too. It is greatly beneficial to obtain skillful support to fully understand what we need to do in order to grow and direct ourselves towards our own empowerment.

Becoming a mother has been a powerful life transition for me, and I truly enjoy working with women around integrating motherhood into their lives. Motherhood can be a time of reevaluation and change: it can be very confronting and empowering. Many women today would like support and to connect with other mothers around the issues that modern women face when starting a family.  I recently started a blog about motherhood that you can find here: