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I am a Level 3 Trained PACT Couple Therapist. 


Work with me virtually, either as an individual or a couple 


You have come to the right place for guidance, support, therapy, coaching, inspiration, education, or all of the above when it comes to your most important relationships. 

I have been a licensed psychotherapist practicing since 2004, and began coaching in  2020 with clients out of state, as well.  I work primarily with couples, with some limited space for individuals.  I also write, teach courses, and share through social media, interviews, and podcasts from my therapeutic experience of over 25 years–as well as my lived experience as a mother and in a partnership with my husband–about how to build strong, inspiring, and meaningful relationships with those who matter most to us over time, especially our partners and kids.

Tending to the well being of our most important relationships has enormous benefits–for our own physical and mental well being, but also for the well being and longevity of our species and all life on this planet.  We are nothing if not in relationship with everything else, and appreciating this reality helps us see our part in the intricate web of nature and life.  When we care about how we treat others–starting in our own homes–we inevitably start to care about how we treat everything.  

Relationship work is ultimately about all humanity and all living beings.

Please, join us 🙂 

My Background…

I have been interested in relationship dynamics since I was very young.  I knew I wanted to be a therapist as soon as I learned what one was at the age of 14. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Women’s Studies in 1995, I moved from the midwest to rural southern Oregon.  There, I began working with chemically dependent pregnant women, then as a counselor with teenage girls in residential treatment. I knew very soon that I was in the right field for me.    

It was also at that time (in my early twenties) that I began to explore

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