About Coaching

I am a co-founder of Present Centered Relationship Coaching with my husband, Jayson Gaddis, founder and CEO of The Relationship School.

Coaching is for couples and individuals who want to work with me but live outside of the vicinity of Boulder, Colorado.  When I work virtually with people, I focus more on the present and future goals and aspirations of my clients, and support them in ways to get there.  I do not work in depth with trauma or processing historical material in this format.  Coaching is available to people who have adequate external support and internal resources to benefit from this modality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is coaching different than therapy?

Yes! Coaching focuses on the present and future direction of your life. Coaching will reference personal history without attempting to process it. Coaching has a more cognitive feel, where we pay attention to and work with beliefs, attitudes, narratives, behavior, and perceptions. Therapy can do all this and also include taking more time with personal history and processing of memories and events that occurred long ago. Therapy also may involve more somatic and emotional material and processing of sensations and feelings.

Do you do coaching packages?

I do not. We schedule each session as we go.

How do I know if I am a good fit for coaching?

Since coaching is done virtually at a distance, people who do best with that model have access to support in other forms in their life, such as supportive relationships and adequate familiarity with and use of healthy coping tools.  It also really helps to have a growth mindset, where you are interested in learning about yourself, curious about your internal thinking and feelings processes, and an attitude of being a “student.”  This mindset is helpful for therapy as well!

How long does coaching last?

The idea with coaching (and therapy in my opinion) is to support you while you integrate a new capacity within yourself that is in the service of your overall growth and development. This capacity can be around whatever you are working on: relationships, health, career, parenthood, or finding more purpose and meaning in life. I am development oriented as a practitioner, and whatever we work on will be in service of that. Given that view, I like to help people move forward, and sometimes that takes a while (6 months to a year or more) and sometimes that is just a few sessions. I am always assessing if progress is being made, and if not, we will actively discuss what is in the way and how to address that.