On this page are links to some of the podcasts I’ve been interviewed on as well as articles I have published. I am also a regular guest on my husband’s podcast through The Relationship School.  I will be adding links to resources that I find valuable for couples as well as parents to this page, too. This page is a work in progress so check back for updated information.



Ellen Boeder and Jayson Gaddis are a married couple, both psychotherapists, and they practice LYT™ Daily! Jayson is the founder of The Relationship School, as well as the host of The Relationship School Podcast, and he has a lot to say about becoming a good partner.

From prison volunteer to psychotherapist: 20 years of helping people transform their lives with Ellen Boeder

From a very young age, Ellen Boeder had big questions about our collective connectivity and she wanted to fully understand the relationship with herself and with others.

Prioritizing your partner and growing together with Ellen Boeder

On today’s episode of Mindful Impact, Justin speaks with Ellen Boeder, faculty at The Relationship School, about some essential tips for cultivating more mindful relationships..

The Wirth Wellness Podcast #53: Childhood Attachment Trauma, and How it Shows Up in Your Adult Relationships, with Ellen Boeder, MA, LPC

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Ellen Boeder, MA, LPC, on the topic of childhood attachment trauma. Tune in to learn more about your own attachment style and the ways it might be surfacing in your current relational experience.

Inside Couples Therapy With Ellen Boeder

Ellen Boeder is a psychotherapist, a couples therapist, and a relationship coach. She joins the show to give us a rare. Inside look into the couples therapy process; what really happens inside the sessions while working on a relationship and marriage. 

Emotional Safety is Necessary for Emotional Connection
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Zen Parenting Radio
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Motherhood, Feminism & Finding Integration with Ellen Boeder

In this episode, I talk to psychotherapist and Relationship School faculty member, Ellen Boeder, about the complex decisions women face while navigating motherhood. We talk about how the needs of both Self and others can sometimes feel at odds and how to explore new ways of being and structuring life so that personal fulfillment and alignment is more possible. 

July 20, 2018 Relationships, Trust, and Motherhood
Magamama Podcasts-Episode 21
Higher Practice Podcast